Friday, January 9, 2015

Huglife - Unthugged Mixtape - Released January 3, 2015

Huglife, formerly known as DJ Slink, has not had an easy month by any means. All I want to do, of course, is hug him. For reasons not fully stated, Huglife's soundcloud was shut down without notice, and he lost over 34K followers! Which producers know is pivotal for popularity growth, booking shows, and connecting and sharing music with fans. However, he still made a point to release his much anticipated "Unthugged" mixtape to his anxiously awaiting fans. Despite having his former soundcloud page shut down, he has now created a new Huglife Soundcloud in order to release this mixtape. Over a week after the initial release date due to the deletion of his account. 

"Unthugged," of course, is nothing less than spectacular and well worth waiting for. His introduction, as always, is epic, and the rest follows suit, exhibiting all forms and genres of music with fluid transitions and hard-hitting emotional selections. He continues to perfectly mix the hood side of trap with the sexual and passionate side of cloud rap. And, as always, is the foolproof face of Jersey club music, even though this particular mixtape depicts his more aesthetic, sensitive side. It is quite perfect for an hour of intense love-making, but in all honestly, all I want to do is make love to my speakers. 

Huglife has been such an influential artist and never fails to create dazzling sounds. He was the last person to have to deal with this unfortunate setback. However, he still remains positive and grateful for his fans, because his fans sure are grateful for him. To help support Huglife, you can follow his other accounts while he continues to build his new soundcloud: 

Here is a "tour guide" to the "Unthugged" mixtape Huglife posted on his new Soundcloud account: (A more detailed track list should be coming soon.)

Entroducing // Slow Ride Fineshrine // Midnight Trippin // Paradise Circus Hoodfigga // Throw Some D’s Faded // Love U So Rebound // Weigh me down Pretty With her eyes low Precinct // Truth Two weeks // Habits Stay Fly Les artist // Wicked flowers Are you that somebody Rain Jacket // Reconsider Ridin Solo // Tessellate Fall in love // Still Here Often // Nolita Angels // So fresh so clean Drop the game // Retrograde Fragile


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