Monday, February 9, 2015

Ghastly - "Bitch U Ghastly" - Song Of The Day - 2/9/2015

Today's song of the day goes one deeper with a twist on a new rap favorite. Ghastly is an up and coming house producer, taking on similarities of some of the biggest names in house.  This remix of "Bitch U Guessed It" is unlike any other one you are likely to hear. Imagine the sickest deep house song out right now then add in some amazing vocal work along with that classic piano line and that would be this. Deep bass lines and dark sounds are all throughout this track, and once the drop hits all you can literally say is...damn. While this track is very different from its original, it doesn't change too much to highlight the qualities of the original. Overall, a great remix from a name that you should be hearing more of. Enjoy!


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