Friday, February 6, 2015

Glass Animals - "Gooey" - Song of the Day - 2/6/2015

I heard this song "Gooey" by an indie pop rock band, Glass Animals, who originate from Oxford, UK, on the radio last week and instantly had to use my Shazam app to see who was responsible for creating such a beautiful song. Glass Animals, as it turns out, is a brand spanking new band, having released their debut album last June, entitled Zaba. Their sound is truly a unique one, combining psychedelic pop with melodic, indie electronic and what I can only describe as the sampling of jungle and rainforest sounds which create an overall peaceful tribal feeling.
"Gooey," in particular, combines stream-of-conscious lyricism over a wonderfully trippy sound that makes you feel like you are floating around the inside of a lava lamp.
In an interview with the band, they explained that the lyrics don't really mean anything; they just liked how the words created a true aesthetic feeling. Which is a great explanation, because what the hell is a "peanut butter vibe?" Clearly something that is frickin' awesome. Take a listen below to this Glass Animals single, and prepare yourself for a mind-bending ride.


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