Friday, February 13, 2015

Doja Cat - Give It Up x FWDSLXSH - Song of the Day - 2/13/2015

Doja Cat is an up-and-coming female rap prodigy who will only continue moving up and up. LA-born and raised, this 19-year old is amazingly young for her impressive talents; she is a strong vocalist as well as rapper and lyricist, all of which she brings to this original melodic track composed by London-based producer FWDSLXSH (pronounced Forward Slash.) The combination of Doja's hair-rasing vocals and FWDSLXSH's euphoric production, in which he utilizes Rihanna's "You Da One" acapella, raising those vocals as well as the bar on the original track, creates a futuristic R&B soul feeling mixed with Doja's fierceness in her flow. She even asks us "Who be the coldest bitch?" I think that's you, Doja. At the very least, her delivery and beat selection certainly doesn't disappoint. Listen and decide for yourself if this is the new princess of the rap game.


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