Friday, February 27, 2015

Mynth - Nightlight [Catt Moop Remix] - Song of the Day - 2/27/2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Mynth is an electronic pop group originating in Vienna, Austria. They are but a bud waiting to bloom into a magnificent flower; they are just starting off and their sound is already insanely beautiful and original. Their debut EP "Polar Night" was released on February 6th, just in time for the drop of this crazy remix of their most popular of the four tracks, "Nightlight," a rework done carefully by one of the two in the duo Hydrabadd: Catt Moop. (pictured right)
Straight out of ATL, the duo has been on the rise for a few years now, creating a sound not like many others, and Catt Moop does not let down on his solo projects. This remix takes the melodic and progressive sound of Mynth and transforms it into a dark and dirty trap snack. With the drop at 1:30, he builds it up beautifully beforehand and incorporates Hydrabadd's chimey chords throughout afterward, dropping once more at 3:15 into the heavy bass that calls for a round of applause from many trap artists today that seem to lack that unique sound that Catt Moop isn't afraid to experiment with. Be sure to check out not only this dope remix, but the original track as well, and the rest of Mynth's brand new EP available now on Amazon. It won't disappoint.


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