Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cory Enemy - "Go Deeper" - Song of the Day [5/2/15]

This is a bouncy deep house track from a great electronic music producer Cory Enemy. He has a lot of style rocking a huge head of hair that he often has standing straight up, and colored as bright as possible. Cory Enemy's productions cover a ton of different sub-genres of electronic including trap, electro, house, and more. He has a huge selection of remixes and collaborations with everyone in the industry. "Go Deeper" starts with a simple drum and synth duel melody intro and then builds into a full drop with a bunch of interlocking melodies. Deep house has become a very popular type of electronic music, with a huge following from people old and new to the game. You can get more Cory Enemy music by following him on soundcloud here.


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