Monday, May 11, 2015

Rae Sremmurd - Come Get Her (Fransis Derelle Flip) - Song Of The Day - (5/11/15)

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Today's song of the day is a flip off of one of raps up and coming duos, Rae Sremmurd. Fransis Derelle is a producer from Salt Lake City who's been making music in all different types of genres. "Come Get Her" has a trappy twerk type of feel to it. He doesn't do too much work on the vocals, and just lets them ride out. Fransis Derelle has some great sound design in the drop also. The first drop has those low scratchy type sounds that scream grime. With the second drop he changes things up and gets heavier then before with a fat sounding synth.Throw on the rolling hi hats and thumping bass and you'll have everyone up and moving hard. Check out the rest of Fransis Derelle's music here. He's got some great variety suitable for any music lover. Enjoy!


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