Saturday, May 16, 2015

They Say (Kilter) - Polar Youth Remix - Song of the Day - 5/16/2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

It is safe to say that this 20-year old Belgian producer has stolen my heart in the past week. Every track on her Soundcloud page is near perfection, and it was difficult for me to choose which one I liked best. However, once I heard the unique sounds of this remix, I was won over. It was nice to come across not only a female producer, but one that was a breath of fresh air, each song having their own beautiful harmony that mixed well with a future bass and trap feel.
Previously going by the name of Mary Trappins, Polar Youth runs alongside the likes of Laetho and one of my all time favorites, Pusher, having recently released multiple tracks with the artist, such as "YAY" and "Switch."
This is only the beginning for Polar Youth. You can download the track for free in the link below.


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