Friday, May 29, 2015

GRMM ft. Father Dude - "Electrify" - Song of the Day - 5/29/2015

Today's song of the day is brought to you by awesomeness and dope production, starring GRMM and Father Dude. This song, "Electrify," was released last year, but still continues to electrify each time it plays. Father Dude is quite the talented vocalist, bringing the perfect airy, dream-like element to an equally ethereal, chill trap melody produced by Sydney, Australia's GRMM, who belongs to the record label Neon, while Father Dude is involved in the artist collective Hegemon, alongside artists such as Daktyl and Just a Gent. Father Dude, although a vocalist, has been making himself a name in the EDM world, working on projects and creating beautiful music with talented producers, such as TroyBoi and Slumberjvck.
This song in particular is one of my favorites of Father Dude's, the high-pitched vocals mix amazingly with the piano and synths, generating a soulful and eloquent finished product. Check for yourself below and enjoy!


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