Friday, May 8, 2015

Grant Bowtie - Clockwork - Song of the Day - 5/8/2015

Grant Bowtie, an electronic producer living and working out of San Diego, California, brings us on a journey with this high- energy progressive electro track, "Clockwork." This track is the latest publication on his Soundcloud, having been released last November. Grant Bowtie is a signed artist of the Canadian label Monstercat, along with the notorious likes of producers such as Pegboard Nerds, San Holo, and Case and Point.
This particular track is one for the books - it's ethereal melodies mixed with lively and powerful chords makes for a fantastic, aesthetic experience. However, it seems like most if not all of his work does this. I admired him from the first time I heard "Facets," which was released in March of last year, as well as his other breathtaking track "LED."
I am hoping he is currently working on a project that will be released soon, because he is just too good for the long wait.


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