Thursday, September 12, 2013

Purple - "The Club"

Part of the new wave of electronic music fusing R&B and Downtempo comes Purple's brand new single: The Club. This is the first tune we are hearing from Purple, although he has been on Shlohmo's record label WEDIDIT for some time. WEDIDIT is a very forward-thinking label with an abstract, instrumental hip-hop theme; however, recently WEDIDIT has been entering the realm of R&B music. Purple's first tune, The Club, is very structurally murky. The female vocals are gloomy, the bassline is menacing, and the percussion is in-tune with a classic downtempo beat. Purple very formulaically blends every instrument together to create a tune that is very dark but also very sexual in nature. Purple's first EP will be releasing sometime in November and will maintain the same theme as The Club; however, in the mean time, any avid fan of R&B, hip-hop, & EDM should definitely give this new tune a listen.


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