Saturday, September 14, 2013

TYR @ BIG's Bar - Sioux Falls, SD [9/13/13] (Review) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

A Remix by TYR Avail for FREE DOWNLOAD on SoundCloud
A Review By: Troy Manley

Having just moved back to Sioux Falls about a week ago I was still fairly unaware as to what was going on around town, so I had no plans for my Friday night. I found out the day of that TYR was going to be in town playing a show for a reasonable price hosted by AVA Group. BIG’s Bar was the venue for the night. Situated on the North end of town, it is closer to the interstate than it is where most people that would attend this type of show live. Despite the location, the venue has some potential. A pool hall by day, club by night, the bar sports two separate rooms which allow for patrons to be at the show or playing some pool while enjoying some tunes on the other side.. The attendance this night was low, which made for a very intimate show.

TYR on Stage

TYR is a relatively unknown EDM producer out of Boulder, Colorado. Having only heard a handful of his songs, I  wasn’t too sure what to expect from the night; but, as the night went on I was thoroughly impressed with everything I was seeing on stage. From some bangin' dubstep tunes to some soothing downtempo bass heavy selections, TYR tore up the stage all night and showed some real prowess behind the controls on stage. Having spoke with him briefly the night of, I came to learn he was playing almost entirely original material. From what I saw this producer last night, this early in his career, TYR is a name you will be hearing more as time passes.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this young producer as his skill and stage presence will only improve with time. If you aren’t already, I highly suggest following this dude on SoundCloud and Facebook so you can keep up with his latest tunes right when they are released!


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