Saturday, January 18, 2014

Laurel Halo - "Chance Of Rain" - Song of the Day [01/18/2014]

Today we're going to into the weirder side of electronic music with our Song of the Day. Laurel Halo, a very experimental electronic music released her second full-length LP Chance Of Rain a couple months ago. Unlike her debut Quarantine, Chance Of Rain does not contain any of her vocals and is generally more beat-driven; however, it is just as if not more experimental. The most hard-hitting hypnotic tune of the album is Chance Of Rain. Like Behind The Green Door, an EP she released earlier in 2013, Chance Of Rain has a steady techno beat along with a very rhythmic, meditative vibe. Laurel Halo starts the tune off with a four-to-the-floor kick and a very glitchy bass line. Slowly adding some floating synths and more percussion, she creates a steady plane of introspection that remains evident throughout the tune. There are many moments throughout where Laurel Halo removes the bass altogether and just leaves us with her signature glitchy percussion, allowing our minds to fall into a trance until the bass kicks in again.


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