Thursday, January 9, 2014

MOUR - "Opus Orca" [feat. Sidecar Tommy, Jamie Janover, & Hannah Thiem]

Random Rab, under his new alias MOUR, released his first single off his upcoming EP less than an hour ago. Random Rab previously said that MOUR will be darker sound compared to his other works. Opus Orca starts off with some very exotic instruments, perfectly blended together into a phrase of organized chaos which sound very '3D'. Random Rab completely blows us away with his production skills when he drops a very clean hip-hop beat after the intro, to give the tune a a subtle movement. The flawless mixing of lows and highs on this track leads me to believe that this upcoming EP will set a great example as a very lush, clean sounding psy/downtempo piece for many upcoming artists.


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