Saturday, January 4, 2014

Richard D. James - "Polygon Window" - Song of the Day [1/4/2014]

Today's Song of the Day comes from electronic music legend Richard D. James. Known mostly by his most famous moniker Aphex Twin, Richard D. James spans a variety of electronic music genres and is known to be one of the most influential figures in contemporary electronic music. The song Polygon Window is actually a tune written by another one of Richard D. James' aliases, Polygon Window. He released this song on Warp Records along with other similar tunes in the album Surfing On Sine Waves. A techno tune at its core, Polygon Window starts with a few floating synths and a bouncy melody layered over a four-to-the-floor kick and a slowly oscillating pure sine wave bassline. An expert at production, Richard D. James is able to synthesize a variety of different percussion sounds with very complex synths. Surfing On Sine Waves is an album that has influenced many electronic music artists today. Because of its hypnotic and abstract nature, it has created a framework for many trance, techno, and DnB artists to build off of.


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