Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Savant - "Amerika" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Savant is at it again, less than a month after Orakel was released he already has plans to release another album. The new album for now remains untitled and is in production, but here's a first taste with a track called "Amerika". Some interesting samples are used which may lead one to believe Savant is making fun of the stupidity of the average American. I can't say he is wrong about that, but more importantly the music is incredible. This track goes into a very fast BPM somewhere in the drum and bass realm. Although, as always, Savant is able to generate a completely new feel for a genre with intense glitches placed perfectly within his twisted musical measures. "Amerika" is available to download for free through Savant's soundcloud page under his real name Aleksander Vinter.


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