Sunday, December 7, 2014

BARENHVRD's New Original "Senshi" Out Now On Otodayo Records

Back again with another groundbreaking track, the new path is being paved. Releasing some of the best hybrid music in the game, he continuously pushes his music through your speakers! Recently signing with OTODAYO Records, new opportunities present great influence for some amazing new sounds from the young artist. A newer label that holds a expansive variety of electronic music, from artists reaching for the top! Owned and founded by Tha Trickaz, the label gives these artists leaders with veteran experience. As this is only his second release with them, more music is a must. I was able to ask a few questions about the new release and got some interesting answers!

  • Is there a story behind Senshi?

"Senshi (Meaning 'Warrior') was created a few months ago when I was thinking of quitting music production and focusing on something else in the music industry. But the urge to come up with something powerful and full of determination was stronger, that's why I worked really hard for two weeks on this, and produced Senshi. The intro of this track could be a film score. You can easily imagine one warrior walking in slomo, ready to fight. 
This is my way to say to me : 'Don't Stop'."

  • Any upcoming collaborations?

"I am asked a lot to do collabs, but the only collab I did was with Vanilla Trap and I am currently not particularly open to collabs as I am first trying to create and fee my own style."

  • How are you liking OTODAYO Records?

"OTODAYO is one of the greatest thing that happened to me in 2014. It helped me a lot and I owe them so much. A lot more are coming for 2015 on the label. I can't say more, but this is going to be awesome. Really excited about this, love the OTO Army!"

  • What’s next?

"I will still be dropping tunes in the near future, and I also will be preforming a lot more. I have a show with Xilent in February, and another gig powered by Eat Me Records & Arnicalicious"

The anticipation grows daily for new tracks and hearing that only gets me more excited. With a promising future ahead, all we can do is give our support! Check out BARENHVRD on Facebook, Twitter as well as his official website!


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