Monday, December 8, 2014

mikeyDUBS feat. DANWAK - "Fandango" - Song Of The Day - 12/8/2014 [Free Download]

With electronic music on a constant rise, it's about time other artists start taking advantage of this within their genre of music. Today's song of the day comes from an up and coming rapper from Chicago, mikeyDUBS alongside his partner in crime DANWAK(formerly known as Jordan Harrison Spiwak). This song is the first single off of his most recent mix tape, Normal. For those who dabble in the realm of "EDM", much like myself, then you might notice that catchy sample playing in the background. It is also what instantly draws my attention towards this song. For those unaware, the sample comes from "Booyah" by Showtek and is one of the hottest electronic music songs that can still be heard across festivals today. On top of that "Fandango" has one of the catchiest hooks that will have you singing along after you hear it the first time. While there's only so much I can say to give this song of the day justice, I would like to direct you to the video below. 
And if you liked that you can even check out a blooper video here. Be sure to follow mikeyDUBS on soundcloud for his newest releases, FOR FREE.


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