Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ghostface Killah - "One" - Song of the Day - (12-3-14)

Ghostface Killah is almost impossible to copy, his flow is so difficult to do. Unless you listen to his music over and over again you have no chance catching up to the ill flows, Ghostface Killah is so raw on Supreme Clientele his second solo album. He is an obvious top notch rapper coming from the Wu-Tang Clan, but solo Tony Stark, aka Ironman, aka Ghostface Killah is amazing as well. "One" is a true hip-hop story rhyme, talking about all types of situations but in a secret code, that's why Ghostface Killah is so tight, no one else could come up with such clever language. You have to decipher a constant simile and understand elaborate metaphors to even comprehend what is being spoken. The part that always makes me laugh is at the end where he asks, "How many cakes we bake yall?" The answer is always one, or "One; at a time." I'm down with Wu-Tang forever, they represent the illest hip-hop on the planet.


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