Friday, December 12, 2014

20syl - "Complètement Fou (Yelle)" - Song of the Day - 12/12/14 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

20syl gives us his take on the French singer Yelle's summer single, "Complètement Fou" - which translates to "Completely Crazy." He shifts pitches and chops and screws the vocals for a much groovier, trippier experience. He also brilliantly bangs out some bells and whistles, enough to sound like you're playing the best game of Nintendo ever. However, I expect nothing less from 20syl, also a French artist, who's been producing beats since 1995, first kicking off in the group Hocus Pocus, created under his own vision. "Complètement Fou" is part of a 10-song EP "Remixs" you can download for free on his Soundcloud page: HERE. The EP includes other mixes of smash tunes from  the likes of Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and even Ed Sheeran, which all reflect how this dude can whip up countless bangers and consistently make them into something completely crazy.


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