Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gov't Mule - "Dark Side of the Mule" (Review)

Gov't Mule recently released their newest album, Dark Side of the Mule, which has been years-in-the-making. All the selections off this new LP were recorded live in Boston at The Orpheum Theatre on Halloween 2008. Including some of my favorite Pink Floyd selections like: "One of These Days," "Fearless," "Have a Cigar," and "Wish You Were Here," this album is surely not to disappoint the avid Pink Floyd fan. Mule maintains the feel the original track all while effortlessly infusing their well-known improv. style jams. The Mule is Kickin'. Once "Comfortably Numb" comes around, if you were impressed yet, this is the final stop on that negative train. They absolutely murder this song with shredding guitars and on point vocals. Overall this is a great effort I think most fans of Pink Floyd will appreciate, kudos to the guys of the band for this stellar performance. Streaming free through Spotify below.


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