Friday, December 5, 2014

Yung Sherman & Bearface - "I Will Be Here" - Song of the Day - 12/5/14

Yung Sherman
Yung Sherman and BEAR//FACE team up for this emotionally hard-hitting track, “I Will Be Here.” The duo can be categorized under a relatively new genre of music called “cloud rap,” which consists of trance-like, ethereal beats most often paired with lucid, psychedelic rap lyrics. The combination of the dreamy production and rap vocals gives off the same “hood” vibe as trap or, in this case, could lean toward a more “trill” composition. Yung Sherman’s production experience stems from his close work done with the Swedish rapper Yung Lean, along with Yung Gud, under the self-made label Sad Boys Entertainment. BEAR//FACE can be heard under the same respect, producing similar cloud rap beats over the years, best known for his 2012 song, “Taste My Sad.” The merging of these two artists created none other than a seriously poignant, beautiful beat, using ghostlike instrumentals with a mix of both high and low-pitched vocals. This track only adds to the gathering sensation of the cloud rap style, and hitting replay all day will only continue to make you feel some type of way.

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