Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Outsidaz - "The Rah Rah" - Song of the Day - (12-23-14)

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140426031608/lyricwiki/images/e/e0/Outsidaz_-_Night_Life.jpg I first heard of Outsidaz through early freestyles and collaborations with Eminem. There is a song featuring Eminem on Night Life called "Rush Ya Clique" that pounds with sick battle rhymes and humorous hate. The band is a huge group of ill rappers and producers including: Pacewon, D.U., Young Zee, Rah Digga, Axe, Az Izz, DJ Muhammed, Denzy, Loon One, DJ Spunk, S. Coop, Nawshis, and the late Slang Ton, Bskills and Yah Yah. You get a feel for the hard Newark, New Jersey streets listening to Outsidaz spit sick story raps. Both of the two Outsidaz albums are hype. You can stream their albums at these links Night Life and The Bricks.


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