Friday, March 27, 2015

Fighting fire with bass - the fire extinguisher of the future

Screenshot from YouTube 

George Mason University, the infamous cinderella team that made it to the Final Four of the 2006 NCAA men's basketball tournament as an 11-seed, is making headlines again this week, but this time its not sports related.

Viet Tran and Seth Robertson, two engineering students at the university, unveiled a fire extinguisher that utilizes low-frequency sound waves instead of water, gas, or foam. It is thought to work through increasing the speed of the air particles within and surrounding the fire, in turn decreasing the surface area of the air at the point of combustion. Makes sense right?

Check out the video below to see this next level invention for yourself!


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  1. That is fascinating. I cannot imagine using something like that to fight a fire, but it seems to work. I'm so used to the normal, old-fashioned fire extinguishers. We have several, both at work, and at home. In fact, we are just getting ready to order new ones. They may not be futuristic, but they protect us.