Thursday, March 12, 2015

Historic Detroit Venue, Magic Stick, Closes It's Doors For Preparation Of POPULUX

At every end there comes a new beginning and in this case, a rebirth. Closing their doors after a long and what some would call historic journey, Magic Stick throws in the towel to be transformed into POPULUX. The new improvements will bring people back into the city and in turn will strengthen the already booming Detroit Techno industry. Contributing as always, veteran entrepreneur Amir Daiza continues to hold his title in our music scene today. Being head of the POPULUX project, Amir shows his involvement means far more than credited for.

“The word POPULUX derives from the retro-futurism of design and arts, so we’ve branded the venue, POPULUX, A rebirth of the word, much like the rebirth of Detroit, the rebirth of the Majestic Complex and the rebirth of the Detroit techno sound that has influenced the direction of music around the world.”
 - Amir Diaza

Although many don’t take the time to look more into it, Amir adds more to his list daily. His most recent success being the hit nightclub in Pontiac, MI, Elektricity effortlessly draws a crowd of all types. Dedicating Fridays to their headlining events, Elektricity brings in popular electronic acts that gives just about any raver a home. With their popular weekly local event Bass Mission, Elektricity reaches out to some of the best up and coming artists from the metro area. While being 18+, things will be interesting at POPULUX with a more mature crowd.

"Over the past 20 years, I have seen the success of Amir Daiza in the Detroit music scene first hand. Amir has had a big influence in helping launch first Movement Electronic Music Festival I put together as well assisted prompting other Paxahau events,"  - Jason Huvaere

While the transformation of the Majestic Complex greatly benefits the community as well as the people involved, the memories left behind in the iconic rock venue will forever live on. Providing a venue for artists like The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Kings Of Leon, Childish Gambino, Downtown Brown & many many more, it is safe to say the they are ending on a positive note.

"I have been promoting events with Amir Daiza for over 25 years. We have had a great relationship promoting local, national and international artists. It only seemed a matter of time before our success and relationship took off to reimagine The Majestic Complex in a modern, innovative way,”
- Dave Zainea

Be sure to become apart of the movement as much as you can. POPULUX is currently hiring at all positions and is looking for fun people who love their work as much as they do. A Guy Called Amir & YOS recently teamed up to bring a untouched subject to attention with "Rebirth of a City". The hit track recently released on Obsession Detroit, Another side project of Amir's. With a large focus on the topic, there has been a great response from the local community. On top of the everything, Amir has put 100% of profits from A Guy Called Amir merchandise into the Bridges for Music Charity.

 Be sure to check out the premier of "Your Love" from Detroit's own A Guy Called Amir & YOS below:


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