Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SrRealist - "Credulity" - Album of the Day - 3/11/15 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

SrRealist is a South Dakota based producer that I happen to be pretty good friends with. I had known he was making music in his spare time and had a history as a musician, but then one conversation led to another and he agreed to let me premiere his EP, Credulity, through this very blog a year ago this month. I find this EP evokes emotion in the listener and carries them along meticulously crafted soundscapes into a different plane of musical enjoyment. Yeah, let's go with that.

Here's a note from the man himself. Hope you enjoy this collection of music as much as we do!

"The following is a smattering of tracks that were imagined, written, assembled, recorded
and mixed over the course of a couple years while I dove feet first into digital music 
production. Having only a background in guitar, I became increasingly excited as to what
possibilities the future could hold. This EP is really just the first good chunk I have made since
the start that im happy with. I hope to move on and further my understanding in this realm and
also to one day bring it to a performance setting.

Please enjoy.



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