Monday, March 16, 2015

GRiZ - "Mr. B" - Song Of The Day [3/16/15]

GRiZ is about to start his tour in under a month, and so for today I figured the song of the day would be a throwback of his. "Mr. B" featuring Dominic Lalli was the first song I heard of his and it instantly turned me into a fan. Starting from the beginning is a great piano line with great vocals. It's super chill and relaxed which I love. The build up starts slow and whips together in speed leading to the drop. At which point comes in a super fat bass synth that is right in your face. I love how he always manages to mix in those heavy sounds back with the sound of natural instruments. Along with that second drop saxophone solo is absolutely phenomenal. It's always great to go back and listen to some old tracks of our favorite artists. Be on the look out for a new album by the sax man soon. Enjoy!


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