Friday, March 13, 2015

Fetty Wap - Trap Queen - Song of the Day - 3/13/2015

I had no idea who Fetty Wap was until I looked up his new hit song "Trap Queen" on Shazam the other day, and since then, I have claimed it as my new theme song. In many interviews, the 24 year-old Paterson, N.J. native says it's the first song he's actually sang in; all of his songs beforehand he had focused on rapping. Now, he's working hard on his new mixtape that will soon be released, consisting of rap and vocals over trap beats that he says will be both turn up and vibe songs.
Fetty is a unique face to the rap and hip hop scene: He lost his left eye as a child in an accident that he doesn't clearly remember and doesn't seem to want to, but that incident left him with glaucoma and the loss of his eye. However, it doesn't seem to phase him. His powerful voice and openness about who he is proves a stong and stable confidence that will help him grow in his career.
Fetty has already gotten praise and popularity with this hit song, landing him in the top 15 on Billboard, and even a co-sign from Kayne West, who brought Fetty onstage to perform with him at a concert in New York this past February.
Look out for the Fetty: The Mixtape release coming soon, and you can take a peak at the official video for "Trap Queen" below!


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