Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bro Safari - "Uncrushable" - Song of the Day [3/14/15] Nick Weiller or as you may know him Bro Safari is a one of a kind producer. He has been a part of many amazing collaboration bands but when he goes solo he is Bro Safari. Weiller is a part of the trio Evol Intent with Ashley Jones and Michael Diasio. He has also done work with Kill The Noise and they form the band Ludachrist. Bro Safari has a diverse range of styles mastered, this track is from the moombahcore perspective. Weiller when with Evol Intent kicks out the fast paced drum and bass music, and some of his early solo productions are slowed way down into moombahton. He now dabbles with trap and many other sub genres of electronic music, and he collaborates with more people all the time including UFO! - another awesome electronic producer. Get the latest music, merchandise and tour information from the official Bro Safari website. If you are in the Denver area you can catch Bro Safari tonight at the 3rd annual Trapfest!


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