Monday, March 23, 2015

Milo & Otis - "Trap Arms" - Song Of The Day - (3/23/2015)

Song Of The Day comes courtesy of Milo & Otis with the release of their new track "Trap Arms". This trap and twerk music duo has a great catalog of music and this is another one to throw into the collection. The track starts with kind of a curve ball that I was not expecting. It's pretty chill and laid back, with a 70's type of vibe to it. After a classic gun cocking sample, the song switches gears into something more their fashion. "Trap Arms" has the big horn sounds perfect for the title of this track. Check out the album artwork to get a good idea of what "Trap Arms" are as well. Most of us are probably guilty of doing "Trap Arms" once or twice anyways. Enjoy!


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