Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roni Size & Reprazent - "Brown Paper Bag" - Song of the Day [3/24/15]

When you listen to drum and bass music you have to understand the rich history. Most true junglists don't even care about anything else but drum and bass, everything else is irrelevant. This is one of the best drum and bass crews ever assembled - Roni Size & Reprazent. The lucky ones who get to experience their live performances are dazzled by multiple percussionists and flawless representations of amazingly complicated melodies. The main band members are Roni Size, Reprazent, Dynamite MC, and Onallee. This is the official video for "Brown Paper Bag" one of the biggest hits for the band off the album Newforms from back in 1997. Right now they are still touring the world and hitting the biggest destinations, throwing massive shows for their fans. You can get info on the tour dates, buy merch, peep photos, and more on the official Roni Size website here.


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