Monday, March 2, 2015

Skrillex - "F**K That" (Topi Bootleg) - Song Of The Day - [3-2-2015]


Today, with all the hype surrounding the new Jack U album, I figured I'd show everyone one of my favorite bootlegs to come from a Skrillex song. "F**K That" is one of my top songs to listen to right now and when I first heard this version it really stood out. Topi is from Finland and has done great work in creating both remixes and bootlegs. While the original has a darker, deeper vibe going on this bootleg is more energetic and up beat. Topi's take on this Skrillex track has seen great support already and with the work being put out it shows great promise. Check out this bootleg and see for yourself, Topi will be a big name sooner then you think. Enjoy!


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