Friday, March 27, 2015

Kid Kamillion - Heads Will Roll 2015 Re-Heat - Song of the Day - 3/27/2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I know what you're thinking: "Another freaking 'Heads Will Roll' remix?" I think we have all heard A-Trak's version more than enough in 2012 to make our eyes roll instead, every big trap artist integrating the rework of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's club hit of 2009 into their sets at every show and festival. I remember counting the number of times I heard it at Electric Zoo two years ago, until I completely lost track. And what's even worse is Djs are STILL playing it, three years later, falling back on to something that's comfortable.

So why bring back the past, Kid Kamillion? Here's why: Kid preserves the intro of the original to make listeners most likely sigh and shake their heads, until he flips the switch completely to make us nod "Okay" instead.

He's showing us what he can do with such an overplayed, exhausted remix (a groundbreaking song, nonetheless) and is presenting us with a fresh and heavy rework that manifests his talent and lifts the song into a whole different playing field. By far the most outstanding element of Kid's re-fire is at 2:03, where he not only forges a massive drop but simultaneously extends Karen O's vocals, creating an insanely beautiful, chilling effect to this hard-hitting banger.

The fact that KK did this in response to Dj's perpetually playing the A-Trak version hopefully sends the message that there should always be a constant desire for artist diversity and sound innovations in the music world.

Take a peak for yourself- free download in the Buy link. Make it BUMP.


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