Thursday, October 3, 2013

Armin Van Buuren Live @ TomorrowWorld Festival - Song of the Day - [10/03/2013]

Armin Van Buuren @ TomorrowWorld 9.29.13
For today's Song of the Day, I actually went with a Set of the Day... With all the amazing soundboard recordings coming out of the festivals over the last few months, picking just one set is nearly impossible, forget picking just one song.  I had to pick one, you don't.  TomorrowWorld has nearly 22 hours just from that one festival alone...  Whatever your flavor, you can find it in there.  I have been looping this Armin Van Buuren set all day (I had a ton of crap to get done)...  Looking for a little Trace to keep you going to the end of your day....  Well, here you go.


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