Monday, October 21, 2013

RL Grime - "Because of U" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Trap legend RL Grime just released his newest single, Because of U. Unlike his most recent EP High Beams, which was released on Fool's Gold Records, this tune does not have excessive trap elements. It rather maintains a style of sound evident in earlier RL Grime releases such as his EP Clipz. This track starts out with some faded vocals and a clean mallet melody, but the really surprising part is when the percussion comes in. Instead of it being very mechanical and electronic, it is very organic and real; something very unlike RL Grime's signature beats. Once the beat drops, RL Grime throws in a very light brass synth melody, almost like a Minnesota tune. Because of U seems to flawlessly combine elements of hip-hop, trap, and trance. This is definitely a must listen for any fan of electronic music.


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