Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morgan Page w/ Project46 & Walden @ EPIC Event Center - Minneapolis [10/2/13] (Review)

A Review By: Shantelle Krueger 
Who parties on a Wednesday? Going out to see Morgan Page was not in my plans for a typical Wednesday night until a last minute decision was made to see what was sure to be another awesome event put on by SIMshows.

The venue for the night was EPIC – figuratively and literally. EPIC was a smaller version of The Myth Nightclub, located in the heat of downtown Minneapolis. A multi-purpose venue with spectacular sound, lighting, and video! There were two levels you could choose from; unfortunately the upper level is divided into little VIP sections along the railing that you have to pay for. The main level was the dance floor, right in front of the stage with bars on each side. The bartenders were incredibly friendly and fast. Their security was on point; they made sure you were having a great time while being safe. The overall atmosphere of EPIC was outstanding!

To start out the night was Walden with his upbeat house music. He came on that stage with a grand entrance that caught everyone’s attention. Everyone in the audience was fist pumping and dancing the night away. The crowd loved every minute of Walden. This young man showed some incredible skill behind the controls  and I am sure he will make it far.. So be prepared to be seeing his name around more in the future. The next artist before Morgan Page was Project46. I have never heard of these men before so I wasn’t sure on what to expect. They opened with “Save The World” and the crowd went nuts. Everyone was screaming and jumping around in complete chaos, I have never seen anything like it before. Project46 blew my expectations out of the water and gave a phenomenal performance! They had the crowd dancing the night away and singing every lyric to their songs, it was an unbelievably magical experience. I would definitely recommend checking out this group if they come to a venue near you!

The headliner for the night was Morgan Page - he has previously performed at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and ULTRA. This man knows how to reach out to the crowd and send a message. Right before he stepped foot on stage the crowd started in a huge chant for him, I knew something big was about to go down. He slowly rounded up the anticipation of the crowd with heavy bass and crazy 3D visuals. His 3D visual board was beyond insane! Words cannot describe my 3D experience; there is just no comparison. I have seen 3D boards before but nothing like the one Morgan Page used. 

His 3D board was breathtaking all night and was brilliantly intertwined with his music to give the crowd an unforgettable experience.It really felt like things were flying out at me the whole time, whoever designed the effects is a mad genius. Morgan’s upbeat, techno, house beats were wonderfully intertwined and delivered flawlessly to the crowd.  He even dropped in a little trap to his set! The energy from the crowd was unparalleled, Morgan really knows how to reach out to his fans and give them what they really want. He truly killed the stage and made his fans go crazy with smoke and confetti cannons. With that being said, Morgan Page is an extremely talented artist and has perfected his music and also his performance. Don’t worry Morgan you won’t be losing any of our love tonight! Thanks to SIMshows for putting on an truly awesome concert! For more of their upcoming events in the Minneapolis area, check out the fall calendar!

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