Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Imagin8 - "Rooftop Showdown" (Prismatic Remix)

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, dubstep artist John Shmulowitz aka Prismatic, dropped his new remix today. Much like his Ab Initio EP which was released a week ago, his remix of Rooftop Showdown by Imagin8 fuses many genres of EDM with psychedelic downtempo. The song starts off with a nice Drum n Bass beat along with some heavy synth oscillators and a progression of floating acid synths but as the tune progresses and tension builds, the tone is quickly but effortlessly switched from a trance-like drum n bass rhythm into a heavy hip-hop dubstep track, with very low frequency oscillators and heavy 808 kick drums. However, Prismatic maintains the lush psychedelic rhythm of his older works during the break where he incorporates elements of acid-trance and ambient music.
Prismatic is one of the few upcoming electronic artists today who are trying to find a median between the heavy bass-oriented EDM scene and the dense ambient psychedelic scene. If you haven't already, listen to his Ab Initio EP to get a feel of his unique style of glitch dance music.


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