Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Griz w/ Two Fresh & Marvel Years @ EPIC Minneapolis - "Rebel Era Tour" - 10/23/13 (Review)

The one and only Griz came through Minnesota for a part of his tour to promote the outstanding new album “Rebel Era”.  He dropped all the songs from the brilliant new album, and even mixed in some old tunes too. The vibes were unreal for the night.

Opening the night on the stage was an unbelievable 19-year-old producer from Burlington, VT – Marvel Years.  I would have to say he is a younger version of Griz himself.  He easily set the mood for the night and got the crowd ready for what was about to come. This young man is going to be extremely successful in the next few years. I strongly suggest checking this kid out.

Direct support for Griz was Kendo and Shweez, also known as Two Fresh.  These two young men were something else. I have never heard of them before but they completely blew me away. Their transitions from song to song were a little off, but that didn't stop them from getting the crowd going. Two Fresh had a variety of music from trap to hip-hop to remixes of older songs. The crowd loved every minute of their set.

Previously seeing Griz at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival – also a SIMshows production -  and a few times before that I was so ready for what was about to go down. Right before the Rebel Era tour started Griz dropped his new album “Rebel Era”.  Tracks like “DTW to DIA”, “Keep The Dream”, and “Hard Times” reflect Griz’s signature electro-soul/future-funk style, while “Do My Thang”, “Too Young For Tragedy Pt II”, and “Crime In The City”, are high-intensity dance music bangers. There is literally a song for every kind of electronic fan out there.

Griz’s light production and set up was stunningly perfect! He had three triangles on stage in front with three squares hanging up behind him and hundreds of strands of LED lights hanging down behind that.

The show was an overall success for Griz, despite the fact he was very ill that night. He gave a phenomenal performance like always and left everyone there speechless. I was smiling the moment he got on stage until the very last second he got off. His music mixed with the saxophone live was incredibly intertwined and delivered flawlessly to the crowd to give an unforgettable experience. The energy from Griz and the crowd was unbelievable; he murdered that stage and made everyone there go crazy. He gave such an unforgettable performance that the crowd screamed for an encore when he was done and Griz gave them more, he played an extra three songs for the crowd. A huge shout out to Sound in Motion for getting this incredible talent to come through Minneapolis! 


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