Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bassnectar w/KOAN Sound & Andreilien @ Pershing Center - Lincoln, NE - "Immersive Music Tour" [9/27/13] (Review)

A Review By: Troy Manley
When I first heard Bassnectar was playing at the Pershing Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, a 3.5 hour drive from Sioux Falls, South Dakota – where I live for school – I knew immediately couldn’t miss that show. I had trouble finding someone to make the drive down with on that Friday afternoon, but I eventually persuaded my roommate that he didn’t want to miss the show, the morning of the concert, and we bought our tickets that afternoon – thank God it hadn’t sold out…
The Scene As We Were Waiting For Lorin To Take The Stage

                We took off Friday afternoon to head down and were taking some back country roads through Nebraska. We were passing a Semi and a cop didn’t like what we were doing and pulled us over. A $200 ticket later we were on our way and our trip had gotten a hell of a lot more expensive. We got to Lincoln about 30 minutes later, put the ticket behind us, and were ready to get down. I had never heard of the opener, Andreilien, and only one or two songs by direct support, KOAN Sound, so I was definitely excited to see what the night had in store.

Bassnectar Posing With The Crowd 
                Andreilien previously went by the stage name, Heyoka. I’m not too sure why he switched things up, but he has just recently released his only album under this moniker – “Dub Iteration”. As Heyoka, Andreilien was a leader in the glitch hop and bass music scene. Andreilien is definitely going to be making his way on to my iPod. Direct support for the night was KOAN Sound, a high energy glitch-hop duo signed to Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. The group consists of Jim Bastow and Will Weeks and according to their Facebook, “KOAN [Pronounced Ko – Anne]: A puzzling, often paradoxical statement or story, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening.” They were definitely pretty good at waking up the crowd and getting them ready for Lorin Ashton, a Santa Cruz based producer better by his stage name, Bassnectar.
Bassnectar Tearing Down The House

                As if things weren’t wild enough while KOAN Sound was dominating the airwaves, when Bassnectar took the stage the crowd erupted and you knew something special was about to begin. Having seen Bassnectar before I knew what I was in for, but boy, was this show something else. I had heard from a friend that Lorin would be taking some of the most powerful subwoofers available with him on tour, and that rumor was confirmed last Friday night. Lorin is easily one of the most talented producers/DJs in the EDM world today. His bass heavy dubstep, glitch, drum and bass, and trap tunes were masterfully intertwined and given to the crowd. 
Balloons Were Unleashed Unto The Crowd

Apart from his awesome music and top notch mixing capabilities, he also brought along one of the most magnificent LED board systems I have ever seen. The resolution on this rivals that of Sound Tribe’s pyramid – and that’s saying something. The imagery was breathtaking all night and was masterfully intertwined with the music to give the audience a truly magnificent experience. However much Bassnectar’s graphic designer is getting paid needs to be doubled, immediately.  The board paired with an incredible light show, confetti cannons, disco balls, balloons, and inflatable beach toys created one of the best EDM shows I have ever been to. If this is what to expect for the rest of Lorin’s “Immersive Music Tour” then I definitely suggest you make it out to one of the stops. This is definitely one of the tours of the fall that you do not want to miss. Unfortunately we were not granted media credentials for this show so I was unable to bring professional photography equipment... oh well, I guess the iPhone will do ;) Check out our EXCLUSIVE video below!


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