Wednesday, October 30, 2013

General B and The Wiz - "Lie Until You Prove It EP" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Our good friends, General B and The Wiz, have released the newest installment to their catalog, the EP, "Lie Until You Prove It." The EP opens up with a riveting track, "Solid Gold", that masterfully blends powerful guitars with very passionate vocals. The song reminds me of The Black Keys, and that is definitely in a good way. The EP then transitions into  a more melodic track, "Love You Year Round." This 2nd song was previously released as a single and is an incredible example of the band's ability to flawlessly transition between genres and moods within a single song. "Midnight Freeway" had me a little weary on the first time through, but after a second listen I quickly changed my position on the song. A progressive track that transitions from a melodic, vocal intensive beginning, through a distorted psychedellic rock segue into a noisy but intricate ending. This is probably the track that people will be the most discontented with, but I think it's a perfect separation of the album. "Pin Me Down" is another track that reminds me of The Black Keys, but this one also brings some influences that remind of Jack White into the mix. A short song, it is just incredible how they were able to control the mood and transition between various tempos in such a small time while still making it seem cohesive. If you weren't sold on these guys before this song, then this is will definitely change that - they are talented to say the least. Finally, we have the title track of the EP, "Lie Until You Prove It." The track opens up with some ambient Pink Floyd like progressions that linger throughout but are lost into a masterfully crafted collage of sound that unleashes a total assault on your ears and dissipates as quickly as it escalated. The album is up for free download, but we suggest naming a price that you feel is reasonable for the album and support the band! Pick up the "Lie Until You Prove It EP" HERE.


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