Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KOAN Sound & Asa - "Sanctuary" EP

KOAN Sound & Asa gave us the first single off this EP, "Starlite", the other week and since then all I have been wanting is for this to be released... and now it's here! :) This whole EP is incredible. From the production quality to overall composition, everything is exactly what I had hoped it would be. Sanctuary has an overall down-tempo atmosphere surrounding it that will surely get you into the right place and then get you moving with a banging last track. "Tetsuo's Redemption" might be making up for everything that wasn't crunchy up front, and if so, damn, does it do a good job. Rifting between melodic intervals and sexy basslines, this last track emphatically concludes an awesome EP.  Every track is absolutely masterfully crafted and I couldn't even choose a favorite. After listening to this EP 3 times through in a row, I can definitely say you need to check it out. Available on iTunes, purchase "Sanctuary" HERE.


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