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Zeds Dead's "Altered States Tour" & Krewella's "Get Wet Tour" @ 1st Bank Center - Broomfield, CO [10/11/13] (Review)

 A Review By: Kenny Emmer
The famed Zed’s Dead “Altered States Tour” and Krewella’s “Get Wet Tour” combined into one and smashed the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO this weekend put on by AEG Live. If there’s one phrase that best describes the show, it is in fact“Altered States.” Don’t worry, Krewella, the people definitely got wet and sweaty. The level of energy was off the charts all night long. But I say ‘Altered States’ is a very accurate way to describe the show simply becauseof theslew of artists spanning multiple genres, as well as the ever-changing pace of each artist’s sets, specifically the headliners. The sold out show featured Branchez, DJ Green Lantern, Candyland, Colorado native Paper Diamond, Krewella, and Zed’s Dead. Seven Lions was also scheduled to perform but unfortunately could not attend due to illness, providing for extended sets from Candyland and Paper Diamond. Although Branchez and Green Lantern were limited to only a 30 minute set, their festival trap and club bangers lit up the crowd preparing everyone for one long and rowdy night in the arena. Candyland took to the stage to play for an additional 45 minutes, keeping the crowd in high gear. “That fro though.” I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it... Josie Martin and Ethan Davis have come a long way over the year, being recognized as some of the top electro producers in the game right now. Candyland also played at the incredible Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO at this past year’s Global Dance Festival. Paper Diamond followed up with 45 minutes of bass and surprisingly a lot of trap music. Seems even this Pretty Lights Music member has love for the genre. It was when Krewella took the stage that the inevitable feeling of altered states really took hold.
Krewella Posing w/Their Newest Album, "Get Wet"
 As the lovely sisters of Krewella, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, took to the stage, microphones in hand standing upon the towering crystalline ‘Volcano’ DJ booth manned by KrissTrindl, the crowd erupted. Krewella played their hits off their most recent album, ‘Get Wet, as well as some older tracks from their ‘Play Hard’ EP. They moved from genre to genre but not too hastefully. They began strong, intertwining their hard hitting electro-house and dubstep tracks, whilst Jahan and Yasmine sang live vocals to the audience, which isn’t something these girls have normally done in the past. Trindl mixed brilliantly, with some occasional aid by the women. And the most surprising aspect of their set was the hard style segment. This genre has a very specific fan-base and has taken some harsh criticism in the past, especially from fans who purely obsess over bass heavy house and/or dubstep music. But the way Krewella incorporated exclusive tracks with some brilliant mixing, they eased into a segment of hard style that came nowhere near to failing the crowd, but rather cranked the energy level even higher than it already was. It was a pretty incredible sight to see. Overall, Krewella impressed the hell out of me. It’s no shock that they’ve become as big as they have. If there’s one thing to be noted about the bass music scene in Colorado, it’s that many artists of the genre absolutely love coming here. Maybe it’s our cloudy skies, beautiful sunsets, epic mountains. Or maybe it’s because of our venues, and the unbelievably passionate, faithful, and rowdy-beyond-all-repair masses of fans that make coming here so enjoyable. In a time of dubstep mania, Colorado was referred to as the dubstep capital by nearly all of the big names in the genre. And in the case of Zed’s Dead, there is no argument there. 

Our crowd loves this duo, and have ever since their beginnings. Ever since one of their first shows in the state at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom nearly 3 years ago, Zed’s Dead have made it a priority to make at least one stop in the state when touring. In the past they have headlined Red Rocks, the New Year’s Decadence show at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, The Ogden Theater, Belly Up in Aspen, and other venues around the state. And they came this time around with plenty of love. As I go back to my statement about ‘Altered States’, I have to say that Zed’s Dead nailed it. They created a wave of altered perceptions by delving into classics as old as several years, moving into the new and exclusive, switching between melancholy moods and fast paced heavy hitters for the bassheads, and, like Krewella, staying consistent and not over-killing it on the switch-ups. Zed’s Dead was easily the highlight of the show. And their occasional commentary consisted almost entirely of love and respect for the state of Colorado. The crowd was at their loudest during these moments. Its nights like these that make me proud to be a part of this community and the whole electronic music scene. Altered States and Get Wet Live was an absolute killer of a show. And it’s one of the first to grace the 1st Bank Center this season; with many more to come, we’re already off to a great start.

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