Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pusha T feat. The-Dream - "40 Acres" (Sanctuary Remix)

Up and coming downtempo artist Sanctuary just recently released his super lush remix of Pusha T's 40 Acres, off his new album My Name Is My Name. Sanctuary, staying true to his 'music to dance and cry to' style, starts off the remix much like the original song does. It has a very ambient and bright tone to it. Then he throws in The-Dream's hook coupled with reverb heavy percussion and a heavy bass-line. As the song progresses, Sanctuary maintains the elegant and atmospheric color while also seamlessly maintaing the chilled out hip-hop rhythm of the original song.

With this remix and the few other tunes that he released in the past few days, Sanctuary is giving a new definition to the whole downtempo electronic scene, filling it with more emotion through warped vocals, chilled out hip-hop beats, and smooth ambient rhythms.

Watch for his upcoming EP to be released later this year.


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