Saturday, December 21, 2013

Arcade Fire - "Awful Sound" - Song of the Day [12/21/2013]

Indie Rock band Arcade Fire released their widely acclaimed Reflector LP about a month ago. Their best tune on the album Awful Sound is a song that encompasses many different genres. Although obviously based in rock music, there are many elements of downtempo, funk, jazz and slow ballad rock. Starting with a slow, mellow drum beat and bass line, Arcade Fire creates a very eerie vibe. When the vocals come in the song retains it's walking pace but slowly the tone starts to rise. What makes this song very unique is the very intense, frightening buildups that occur after the choruses. Although at first listen it seems to be completely out of place but with repeated listens, we hear that it does fit perfectly and transition flawlessly into the bridge and subsequent verses.


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