Monday, December 23, 2013

Fozzey & VanC - "Wings"

Fozzey & VanC are an Australian duo that we really don't know shit about. Their website is defunct, and all they've elected to volunteer about themselves on Facebook/SoundCloud is this: "We could write you a long ass boring Bio about ourselves but our music pretty much says it all." As for the track,"Wings" had us immediately hooked with incredible vocals and melodic piano, and it continued to sink the teeth in as the track progressed. Lyrics, melody, production, and talent make this a song that is undeniably deserving of making its way onto everyone's music catalog - and possibly even getting put on repeat like what happened here. Can't stop listening to this track right now, check back in tomorrow and see if that has changed.... Possible, although unlikely. Almost wish the track would just never end.


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