Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Au5 & Fractal - "Secret Weapon" EP

Baltimore based producer, Fractal, and New Jersey native, Au5, teamed up to bring us a the 4 track EP, Secret Weapon. The EP starts off with "Blue", a hard hitting drumstep (Drum & Bass meets Dubstep) that masterfully utilized oscillators and synths to maintain a beautiful rythm throughout the composition that perfectly segues into the dirty bass. The EP then transitions into "Dreaming" which utilizes delicate vocals and simple bells behind a bass-line that will get you grooving. This tranquility is lost at the 2:00 mark when some pounding, high energy, glitch influenced house bass comes in. Third up is the title track of the EP, "Secret Weapon." Initially the song is pretty melodic but that is quickly lost into some hardcore rumbling dubstep bass and laser sounding synths. The song utilizes some progressive and trance elements in the middle break that is paired with the dubstep in a way not utilized often, which makes this a unique and powerful track. The track "Smoke" brings us home closing out the EP. The deep house initiation is paired with synths that climb in octave until the powerful glitch-laden electro-house drop. This is definitely my favorite track on this EP.   Production was surely not on the back-burner for this duo while slaving away in the lab creating this monster of a release that perfectly displays the talents of these two rising stars. The EP is out now on Monstercat.


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