Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Burial Releases New EP - "Rival Dealer"

Burial, one of the most respected artists in the electronic music scene today, just released his newest EP Rival Dealer. This is the second December in a row that Burial has released an EP, following last December's Truant/Rough Sleeper. Rival Dealer is a completely different journey than anything Burial has ever produced before.

The first track Rival Dealer is the most similar to old Burial works. It contains a fusion of jungle, breakbeat, and garage percussion. This track also has many ambient chopped up vocals layered over signature Burial distortion.

The other two tunes Hiders and Come Down To Us are very different from old Burial tunes. They do not contain any quick two-step garage beats but rather very slow R&B style percussion. Layered over are very down to earth vocals and floating chord progressions.

Rival Dealers is a complete change of direction for Burial in terms of technical sound design elements. However, anyone listening would know without a doubt that it is he who composed it. The atmospheric emotion is unbeatably transcending. The vocals are beautiful, and the percussion is ultra hypnotic. Rival Dealer is a musical masterpiece.


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