Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ott & The All-Seeing I @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO -- Enter to Win Free Tickets!

Ikonic Sound & Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado have teamed up to bring you the opportunity to win some free tickets to this amazing show! 

Ott & The All-Seeing I
Ott was doomed to be a teenager in the cultural wasteland that was mid-1980′s provincial England. After a brief period spent wandering aimlessly through the hairsprayed deserts of New Romanticism and poodle-rock he found refuge in the warm, inviting sounds of Scientist, King Tubby, LKJ, and Prince Far-I and the effortless grace of European experimentalists Neu! and Kraftwerk. Spending the early days of his career working as a studio engineer, racking up credits on works by Brian Eno, The Orb, Youth, African Head Charge, Steve Hillage, On-U-Sound, and more, Ott eventually ventured out as an artist, creating and releasing some of the most influential electronic music albums of the time. Ott combined his undeniable mastery as a studio engineer with a fresh creative approach to a variety of styles, developing a sound both relevant and unique. Releasing three albums with Twisted Records, ‘Hallucinogen in Dub’, ‘Blumenkraft’, and ‘Skylon’, and performing a whirlwind of gigs worldwide, he created a growing demand for his works both in the studio and live. The release of his current full length album ‘Mir’ on his own Ottsonic label in 2011 marked the beginning of a new phase. After many tour dates and a handful of festivals, we find ourselves moving into 2013… and Ott & The All-Seeing I. Ott & The All-Seeing I is a live four piece band performing material from ‘Blumenkraft’, ‘Skylon’, ‘Mir’, and new unreleased songs. Featuring Ott (electronics), Naked Nick (vocals, guitar, synths, and percussion), Chris Barker (bass), and Matt White (drums), the band captures all the intricate glory of Ott’s electronic sets, but augments them with a raw power and spontaneity which propels the songs to another level. Naked Nick is responsible for guitars and vocals on many of Ott’s best loved songs such as ‘Adrift in Hilbert Space’, ‘The Aubergine Of The Sun’, and ‘The Queen Of All Everything’. Chris Barker is the other half of Umberloid and has provided bass on Ott, Hallucinogen in Dub, and Sphongle albums. Matt White is a drummer of some 25 years of experience who first played with Ott and Chris Barker in their first band as teenagers way back in the late 1980’s. Together, they are Ott & The All-Seeing I.

Octopus Nebula
Colorado's Octopus Nebula has recently opened up on the scene, impressing audiences far and wide with their new style of music that blends elements of electronic, ambient, downtemps, breakbeat, rock, acid jazz, and ethereal grooves. Originally formed in 2004, the current incarnation coalesced in 2008 and consists of Fleeb Thomas on bass, Robin Bloch on guitar, John Safarik on keys, and Dan Raasch on drums. These musicians have come together not only to inspire the dance floor (which they do on a regular basis), but also to spread positive vibrations through music. The rise of Octopus Nebula has been swift and complete, as was evidenced at the first show they ever played together, a sold-out gig at Colorado's famous Mishawaka Amphitheater with musical icons from across the pond, Shpongle and Ott. In addition to these two major names, Octopus Nebula has shared the stage with such heavy-hitters as the Disco Biscuits, Random Rab, Bluetech, Lotus, David Murphy (of STS9), Ana Sia, Eskmo, Boombox, Signal Path, EOTO, and RJD2.Currently laying out the textured psychedelic grooves for their first album, Octopus Nebula shuns the formulaic in favor of a purely original sound, a gamble that has paid off in the long run for this talented quartet. The music refuses to be classified and, as a result, gives the sense that the members of Octopus Nebula are truly breaking new ground.

Project Aspect
In 2008 I began ProJect Aspect, a new vision in a digital/electronic light. My Aspect is the specifics included within the depths of sound, creating multiple layers to overall provide an unpredictable live performance meant to touch the soul. A lot of emotion goes into writing tracks for me. The biggest opportunity to express my rawest of feelings and lay them all out on the table. I write songs to perform them live. Nothing makes my heart happier than playing live music and connecting with new people. In January 2008 I began pursuing musical creation in a new light. With electronic/hip hop influences ranging all across the galaxy, I Started "ProJect Aspect". A new vision, way of looking at music as a whole, an idea if you will. Computer performance is the backbone of this project and performing 100% Organic, original material is an essential piece in what which makes ProJect Aspect. With a vast array of heavy bass tones, melodic ambience, whompy hyphy crunchy beats, and mashup acapellas, Aspect brings a unique sound to the dance floor that will leave you craving more! -Jay Jaramillo (ProJect Aspect)

Future Simple Project
Future Simple Project is an amalgamation of musical, movement and aerial artists. FSP features audio performers MIRAJA & MIKEY FISHER of the Family Moons Artist Collective / Dubanimals. They are often joined by live violinist Ilya Goldberg, aerial fabric dancers and movement artists MaQi Star, Akayate, Jilly Kat, Lani, Shakti Sunfire, and other special guests. Together this dynamic group weaves a sacred visual soundscape intertwined with pretty melodies, complex rhythms, gripping basslines and mystifying movement.

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