Monday, December 2, 2013

Roksonix with Brown and Gammon @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO (11-30-13) [Review]

Review by: 
Justin D'Amico

The Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom was pounding grimy bass all night for the most recent Rebudz Presents show. The line up brought together artists from all over to give the Denver dubstep scene a night to remember. Roksonix along with Brown and Gammon co-headlined representing the UK and Circus Records. Jantsen and Tyro are both from Colorado and Midnight Tyrannosaurus is out of Florida. Dirt Monkey, another Colorado based producer was also in the building supporting Jantsen. The artists went well together having a similar musical style, mostly dubstep, but everyone brought their own flavor to the stage.
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is a medium sized venue in Denver, with a capacity of about one thousand people including the balcony. The layout is essentially just one room with a main dance floor and a balcony around the outside. For this show vendors set up booths with crafts and other merchandise under the balcony. The show filled Cervantes about half way, but the dance floor was packed for the entire show.

Starting off the night was Tyro a new resident DJ at Cervantes. Tryo got things going right away with some of his seizure bass music. Next up was Midnight Tyrannosaurus with jump drives of filth and two CDJ's to create a live mix. He, unlike many other live performers, uses no laptop to create his live mix. Both Tryo and Midnight Tyrannosaurus did a great job kicking off the night.

Jantsen was next and he brought a special guest MC along with him, Dirt Monkey. While Jantsen provided a killer mix, Dirt Monkey kept it hype on the mic, and he kept it cool up front with a CO2 gun. Jantsen has a wide range of styles which he transitioned between for a sick set. Jantsen is making a name for himself as a top notch producer, as is Dirt Monkey. The Colorado EDM scene is gaining a good reputation because of producers like Jantsen and Dirt Monkey.

Brown and Gammon would lead off a two hour block of British bass music. They are out of Essex, Britain and representing Circus Records one of the best labels in the UK. Circus Records was founded by Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, DJ Swan-E and Earl Falconer (of UB40). Will and Robin make up the band Brown and Gammon but live shows are done exclusively by Will. Robin is involved in the sound creation and studio recording aspects of the band. Live Will puts on an excellent show, his current set starts off with "The Force" an amazing opening track released just a few months ago. Brown and Gammon have a fresh chill style and also a hard dubstep style musically. They create a lot of new sounds out of vintage disco samples or make new noises intended to sound vintage. Brown and Gammon are a cutting edge EDM band with a bright future in the scene.

Roksonix would close out the show with a hard bass set. The band Roksonix is another duo, and they also come from Britain representing Circus Records. Guy and Phil make up the band, but for this show it was Phil only. They mostly represent a dubstep style, but some parts of the set Phil went into drumstep, drum and bass, and even some hardstyle beats. Roksonix does a great job at blending two songs together to create mash up style transitions. In the video above he starts by building up with his song "Feel Good", but then right at the end of the build he cuts to the drop of "Champagne Bop" by Doctor P. Roksonix completely slayed capping off an amazing Rebudz Presents concert at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.


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