Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blue Stahli - "Down In Flames"

"Three years ago, a young man carved out a miscellany of elements from a host of genres and gave form to a new artistic entity - Blue Stahli. The resulting eponymous debut kicked harder than a mule on bath salts; an engine of catharsis, it was a vessel for the ghosts that gnawed at the man's soul. The exertion required a recovery period, and he crafted two volumes of instrumental soundtrack music as his deeper creative juices recondensed. Now the time has come for Blue Stahli to once more massage his creative meats, draw back the inner veil, and summon the beast within. Arcane energy arcs out from his fingertips to string, key, and mic, and a sophomore album looms up from the abyss: The Devil. Phasing guitar-heavy hellfire, body-trembling beats, and irresistible vocal hooks into an apocalyptic force that splits the sky, the first chapter of The Devil now beckons you forth." The whole album is available: HERE.


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